Are you planning to visit China?

This post will give you a heads-up with all the information you need for a successful entry into China! 

China may be the country in the world that has one of the most rigid Covid restrictions. Throughout the pandemic, China took extraordinary measures to minimise and isolate the spread of infection. And continues to do so with the help of large-scale testing. With the requirement of tests both before and after you enter the country. 

Whether you are going to China for business or pleasure, there are a few good guidelines to keep in mind when you plan your trip. 

Visiting China 

Visiting China is an experience! It is a beautiful country with so many things to see and experience. It is also a big country and the world’s most populous country, with a population exceeding 1.4 billion. China spans five geographical time zones and borders fourteen countries by land, the most of any country in the world, tied with Russia.

Needless to say, a country this size offers lots of opportunities and different scenarios! The Chinese Wall and mountainous areas range from big cities to beautiful countryside. Not to mention Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai!

There are a lot of fun facts and information about Chinese culture, food, provinces and much more on the China Highlights Website if you want to learn more before you go to China. You will be surprised by the diversity and beauty!

Since the country is vast and divided into autonomous provinces and regions, it is good to remember that Covid restrictions might vary from province to province. Therefore, you must keep yourself updated. You can find beneficial information on the Chinese embassy’s website.

Travel to China

Requirements to enter China.

Remember that travel restrictions can change on short notice. And it is always you, as a traveller, who is responsible for ensuring that you fulfil the requirements of your destination and the country that you might transit to. 

For any person permitted to travel to China, the Chinese Immigration Authorities have a range of tests, including negative COVID-19 test results, within a short time before boarding flights to China. 

To travel from Sweden to China, the following is required:

  • Two RT-PCR tests from two different test centres and laboratories. 
  • The first test needs to be taken within 48 hours before departure.
  • The second test needs to be taken within 24 hours before departure, but with an interval of at least 24 hours is required between the two. 

If you transit through a third country on your way to mainland China, you must also receive a new health code in the transit country and repeat your pre-departure COVID-19 tests.

Tests at PharmaUse Testcenter include a digital travel certificate in English, with all the necessary personal information for entry, a QR code, a doctor’s signature etc.

If there is a need for the sampling to take place outside of our opening hours , we can usually be flexible and help you with this matter. We know how important it is that the time for sampling should agree with the time intervals before the flight’s departure. You can read more about travel to China and how we can help on our dedicated Travel to China page.

Mandatory health declaration form before arrival in China 

There is also a mandatory health declaration form that needs to be submitted. Before entering mainland China, you must submit a health declaration form. The form can be submitted online or through WeChat. The health declaration information can be done a maximum of 24 hours before entry. For this, you can use the China Customs mobile app if you do not have access to WeChat. 

Good to keep in mind as well is that once you have reached your destination, there will be a mandatory Covid -19 test on arrival. 

Safe travel to China

Travel safe – stay updated! 

To travel long distances and maybe transit can be challenging at any time. Now more than ever. We are here to help you as much as we can! A good tip is to go to the official websites of the Chinese Government. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of being updated with the latest requirements and restrictions. This since they can change rapidly. 

You are always warmly welcome to contact us should you have any questions! You can reach us via our Live Chat or Email us at [email protected]. 

Welcome to PharmaUse Testcenter for smooth travel preparations!