Are you planning to visit China?


This post will give you a heads-up with all the information you need for a successful entry into China!  China may be the country in the world that has one of the most rigid Covid restrictions. Throughout the pandemic, China took extraordinary measures to minimise and isolate the spread of infection. And continues to do […]

Travel the world and the seven seas…

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page – Saint Augustine. Of course, not all of us can travel the world and the seven seas, but even shorter trips fill the function behind this old quote; to get new perspectives.  Corona did change our perspective of the world, […]

Coronavirus Tests – What’s What?

Since the Corona virus began to spread, we have learned a lot of new terms. Antigens and antibodies, Sars-CoV-2 and COVID-19. We have also been given various options to test whether you are or have been infected with Coronavirus or COVID-19. Tests with tops in the nose and tests through blood tests. How do you […]

PCR Tests for Travel Certificates & Health Certificates

Although the world has changed for many during the pandemic and travel has come to a standstill, there are times when you have to travel. If you need to travel out of the country, it is important to find out what requirements apply to each country you are traveling to. COVID-19 has in fact meant […]

PCR test & Travel certificate – The “new normal” for travelers

Who would have thought when the Corona virus struck, that almost a year later we would need PCR tests and travel certificates to enter many countries. COVID-19, however, turned out to be a stubborn virus and the pandemic continues and places extra demands on caution. And changes routines for those who work in one country […]

Carrier certificate & Carrier allowance

Did you know that you have the possibility of receiving carrier allowance? The Public Health Agency’s rules state that; “If you are not allowed to work because you are infected or may be infected with a generally dangerous disease, you can receive carrier allowance. You may also be entitled to compensation for travel that you […]

Travel in Corona Times – What to Think About?

The corona virus changed our world almost overnight and many of us may not even dare to think about going on a holiday trip yet. But the thought of being able to travel on vacation or why not visit relatives and friends haunts many of us. And sometimes you just have to travel. Can be […]