PCR test & Travel certificate – The “new normal” for travelers

Who would have thought when the Corona virus struck, that almost a year later we would need PCR tests and travel certificates to enter many countries. COVID-19, however, turned out to be a stubborn virus and the pandemic continues and places extra demands on caution. And changes routines for those who work in one country and live in another. Or who need to travel for other reasons. In any case, getting a travel certificate no longer needs to take a long time or be complicated.

Do you need to travel to Denmark?

Surely it was easy when it was just to cross the strait? Boat, car or train without any complications. It was everyday for many who live in one country and work in the other. Now, however, other rules apply and all entries to Denmark require PCR tests. This also applies to transit journeys through or via Denmark.

As of 9/1, there will be stricter restrictions on entry into Denmark. Bl.a. applies to a ban on airlines taking passengers who have not shown a negative COVID-19 test that is a maximum of 24 hours old. Everyone who travels into the country must be able to present a special case and a negative covid test. However, there are special rules for living in border regions, freight transport and transit. You will find all information on the Danish authorities’ joint information page coronasmitte.dk where the information is also available in English.

Do you need to travel to Norway?

There are many Swedes who work in Norway and many Norwegians who come to Sweden for acquisitions. However, this exchange became more complicated when the Swedish government on 24 January 2021 made a decision on a temporary entry ban from Norway to Sweden. The entry ban applies until 31 March 2021. Anyone traveling to Norway must present an entry registration and confirmation from the provider of the place of residence that it meets the requirements. Everyone who travels to Norway from abroad must be quarantined for ten days. If you do not have a home in Norway, you must stay for 10 days in a quarantine hotel. Quarantine hotel costs NOK 500 per night for adult private guests and business guests. Everyone who comes to Norway from so-called red countries must present a certificate of a negative SARS-CoV-2 test on arrival. The test must have been done no more than 24 hours before the departure of the trip. Remember that without a negative test you can be denied entry into the country.

Please note that some of the rules above do not apply to people in transit or people from Sweden and Finland who often cross the border into Norway to work. You also need to register with the government website before you arrive in the country. You can read more about the rules at the Border Service web page.

Do you need to travel to Finland?

THL or Finland’s equivalent to the Swedish Public Health Agency has decided that everyone traveling into the country must be able to present a negative COVID-19 test. Entry into Finland is also permitted only for necessary and justified reasons, such as studies or family reasons. Only necessary commuter services to Finland are allowed from the Schengen area. Finland also invites entrants to be in voluntary quarantine for two weeks. However, this can be shortened by a second PCR test once inside the country. The travel document must not be more than 72 hours old when you arrive in the country. You can read more about THL’s recommendations and what rules apply in Swedish on theirs website.

Now you can take a PCR quick test and get a travel certificate quickly and easily

If you are going to travel and need a PCR travel certificate, you can now get it quickly and easily. We are on site in Citygross Stora Bernstorp Malmö, Galleria Center Syd Löddeköpinge, Svågertorp i Malmö och Väla i Helsingborg. We are open every day of the week and give you an answer the same day. And of course you get the travel certificate issued in English. We would like to urge you to check the rules for each country before you travel, as they are constantly updated. You will find very good information about different countries’ entry requirements on the page Sweden Abroad

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