Travel the world and the seven seas…

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page – Saint Augustine. Of course, not all of us can travel the world and the seven seas, but even shorter trips fill the function behind this old quote; to get new perspectives. 

Corona did change our perspective of the world, whether we liked it or not. And it is pretty nice that the world is opening up again so we can travel again. But, of course, we all have our favourite places to visit. Places we are dreaming about, longing to go back, and others we would love to see. But, of course, not all of us want to climb Kilimanjaro, sail alone across the ocean or hike in deep forests. But, we have beautiful places close by; Europe is in itself full of wonderful, charming places that can give all of us new perspectives. 

Even if you live abroad and go back home to where you have grown up, you will get new perspectives and look at the familiar surroundings with fresh eyes. 

We might travel for leisure, for work or visiting family. But, no matter what the objective is, it will give a new perspective to our everyday life. And maybe make us realise how happy and blessed we are in many ways.

Denmark, Germany, Holland….

So close and yet so different. Have you ever thought about that even though we are so close to each other, not only geographically, it is like entering a new world when you cross the bridge to Denmark? Familiar but yet different. Travelling does make you realise that regardless of where we come from, we have more similarities than differences. We all have the same biological makeup; we all have aspirations, hopes and fears. We all have preconceptions of what other nationalities are like. There might be some truth to some of them, but most of them are notions that we have grown up with. We are more alike than we realise, despite what some may think. 

The Mediterranean way! 

Have you experienced the smell of an early morning in a Mediterranean climate? An overcast early morning with a slight chill in the air. But the smell promises a hot day. We might travel for different reasons, and fascinated by various factors. The food, the weather, the culture, the people. To change the way of life for a shorter or longer time. To experience something new. We all travel to Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal and other Mediterranean countries for different reasons. Some of us love the clear blue water and the swimming, others prefer the historical sitings, and some of us just love to embrace the different cultures and surroundings. 

No matter the reason to travel, Reopen Europe is on the agenda, and we can travel again! First, of course, we, as travellers, are required to show that we are not infected with Sars-2-Cov or Coronavirus; apart from that, we are free to visit all those destinations we have dreamt about!

Did you know that you get the test result and travel certificate as fast as within 15 minutes from taking an EU approved antigen test? And that our PCR tests give the result and travel certificate the same day? Smooth and efficient for people who love to travel!

There is more than one way to live.

One good thing about visiting new places is that you realize that there is no right or wrong way to live. It is different everywhere. Every country has different customs. Whether we like it or not, these customs are both the charm and the thing you have to deal with when you travel. Charming, irritating, and yet fascinating 🙂

What works for one does not work for another. There is no right or wrong way, just a matter of choice how you like to live. And, of course, a matter of how the culture has developed throughout the years. And that is the beauty of it! Can you imagine a world where we would all live in the same way and be the same way? 

So read more than one page in the book. Get new perspectives and travel the world that you want to travel! We are here to help you with the preparations. Welcome to PharmaUse Testcenter!